The Bar

Originally built in 1925 on Ottawa Street, the Ottawa Tavern is iconic in the history of Toledo nightlife. Many Toledoans went there with mom and dad for a burger as children and continued to go there as they reached drinkin’ age. Some of the best musicians in Toledo played the OT. We’ve brought back this historical venue in its own historical location.

The OT’s current location was built in 1928 and for many years was a music store serving the Old West End and Downtown areas. Pianos and other instruments were on display in the current OT bar area and private lessons were given upstairs, where three beautiful loft apartments were created in 2007.

Now, the OT is known for putting on great, nearly always free shows from the some of the best local, regional and national acts,  fantastic burgers, and cheap booze. Check out our menu, or go to the homepage for our calendar of events.

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